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August 2012 Newsletter


Newsletter Volume 4    August 2012

HEARTWORMS!! heart.jpg

We have seen a major rise in the number of cases in Independence and surrounding areas this Spring!!

More than 25 cases at our hospital since January.

5 Important Tips to Keep your Pet Heartworm Free and Healthy!

1. Know the risk. Heartworms are large worms that live in the heart and blood vessels surrounding it. They are spread by a mosquito bite to your pet and are found commonly all across the USA.

2. Test your dog routinely for Heartworm infection. Tests are very accurate but must be performed at the correct time to detect infections. We recommend a yearly blood test for all dogs. This test is $22.00.

3. Know the signs. Unfortunately, many dogs testing positive are not showing symptoms yet but may have had the disease for months or years. The symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing/wheezing and lack of energy.

4. Understand the serious nature of the infection. If heartworm infection is not treated it will usually result in death due to heart failure. Once the symptoms show, there will always be some degree of damage done to the heart and vessels even with treatment.

5. Use Prevention Products Consistently. The best way to protect is to prevent. Use one of our recommended heartworm prevention products consistently every 30 days all year long. If you miss monthly doses or stop giving the product over the winter months you run the risk of turning a mosquito bite into a heartworm infection.

Why Pet Insurance Can Save Your Pet’s Life…….

Most people don’t realize how much advances in technology and knowledge have changed the face of veterinary medicine. Your pet will probably visit us for a lot more than a yearly Rabies Vaccine. Pets become ill or injured commonly, sometimes seriously. If you have had a very ill pet or taken an injured animal to the emergency room you may have a better understanding of the costs that can be involved with treatments for your loved one. A trip to the hospital due to being hit by a car could easily reach several thousands of dollars. A torn knee ligament could top out at $1500-4000 depending on the surgery needed to fix this. Often pet parents don’t plan on these things happening and are not prepared financially. We have closely examined and compared several companies offering pet insurance and have found that we believe Trupanion to be the best value for our clients. We do not receive any incentive to recommend this company- we just want to offer the best care for our patients and have their owners say “Please do that for my pet because I have pet insurance to help me afford the best treatment options possible.”


Rates vary according to pets age, breed and zip code. Go on line or call and get rate quotes and more information. We can also discuss the plans and benefits with you.

                                         www.trupanion.com 1-800-569-7913.

                        SHARE YOUR FUNNIEST PET PHOTO….

                            dog.jpg                             dog2.jpg

Must be a photo of your pets. Submit pictures at our FACEBOOK site by October 31, 2012 to be entered in our contest. The judges will pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners. They will win Prize bags and Gift certificates.


We are mailing out information regarding our Senior Testing Packages again this year. We are offering a promotion to help get more pets tested. Finding diseases early is the key to longer survival and better outcomes. We have several packages available for testing for a variety of common and treatable medical conditions like thyroid disease, chronic kidney disease heart disease and arthritis. Ask your pet’s doctor today about the benefits of testing and the Savings Available Now.


Pets age much faster than we do. Use this handy chart to find your pet’s age and weight range and see compare how old that would be in “people years”. Most pets become more at risk for age related problems after AGE 7 YRS.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant